When the time comes to change your vehicle or perhaps you’ve already found something new and just want to sell your existing vehicle we are here to help. We will be happy to part exchange your existing vehicle against you new purchase.

If you wish to sell your car and not make a purchase from us we will be just as happy to give you an equally competitive offer ensuring that the transaction is quick and trouble free with a transfer being made directly into your bank account when an agreement is reached.

You may wish to consign your vehicle for sale with us. If this is the case we will sign an agreement with you to offer your car for sale on your behalf. We would advertise the vehicle using our extensive knowledge and varied advertising media. When we find a buyer you can once again be assured of a trouble free transaction the vehicle remaining in your ownership until you have been paid in full.

Whatever route you choose you can rest assured our helpful and knowledgeable staff will make the whole process simple and stress free.

Whilst we would like to take in cars similar to the ones we sell we will be very happy to give you a competitive valuation on any vehicle you may wish to part exchange due to our extensive knowledge within the industry.

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